A Solution for Enterprise-Scale DevSecOps

Benefits of the Framework

With the Solutions Delivery Platform, developers can get DevSecOps delivery up and running in a few hours, instead of spending months implementing it within an individual organization. They can focus more of their time on work that drives the mission forward and accelerate the development of applications and critical capabilities. Quality and security metrics are automated, feedback loops are immediate, and agencies have access to continuous delivery.

The heart of SDP is a Booz Allen-created Jenkins plugin named the Jenkins Templating Engine. It’s installed just like any of the other dozens of plugins installed on a Jenkins server and with it, organizations can begin implementing enterprise-scale DevSecOps solutions.

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Commitment to Open Source Solutions

Booz Allen is committed to transparency and believes that engineers can build better solutions together, rather than apart. That’s why we open-sourced this framework, so that any person and any enterprise can deploy and contribute to the platform, at no cost. This approach has enabled mass adoption across industry and clients, fostering innovation and collaboration in 95 countries and in agencies across the U.S. government. To join the discussion, ask questions, and contribute to the Jenkins Templating Engine, visit our community on Gitter or join us at the next online meetup.

As of September 2020, the Jenkins Templating Engine developed by Booz Allen has fostered open source innovation and collaboration in 95 countries as well as the U.S. federal government.

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