Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

“At Booz Allen, we embrace our role in making tomorrow better than today, and we will continue to invest in ESG efforts that are relevant to our business, important to our stakeholders, and make the greatest positive impact on our people, nation, and world. We remain fully committed to grow our business in alignment with our ESG objectives.”

Our ESG Strategy

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We work to ensure all people have access to opportunities as well as the agency and support to pursue them in order to achieve their goals.

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We work to ensure that innovation reaches, reflects, and benefits society, knowing that our diverse teams enable us to create solutions that best serve our clients' missions.

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We work to drive community resiliency by protecting our firm's and community assets against evolving threats and by addressing inequitable access to resources.

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Internal Drivers

  • Purpose & Values
  • Our People
  • VoLT Growth Strategy
  • Our Capabilities & Expertise

External Drivers

  • Client Missions & Challenges
  • Regulatory & Legal Requirements
  • Societal Needs
  • Supplier & Partner Relationships
  • Investor Priorities
  • ESG Reporting Frameworks

Selected 2022 Report Highlights

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73% 73%
Board Diversity

73% of our Board of Directors (8 of 11) are Women, Asian, Hispanic, and/or African American and 45% (5 of 11) are Women

100 Million dollars 100 Million dollars

Launched Booz Allen Ventures, seeded initially with a $100M commitment, to invest in early-stage technology poised to transform mission outcomes for the public sector

65% 65%
Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 65% compared to FY20 emissions (FY21 emissions were significantly influenced by COVID-19, making a comparison to FY22 to FY20 more useful than a comparison of FY22 to FY21)

99% 99%
Ethics Training

Maintained a 99% completion rate of firmwide mandatory annual Ethics & Compliance training

13% 13%
Employee Charitable Giving

Facilitated a 13% increase in employee charitable giving ($) through a series of firmwide giving campaigns and our Booz Allen Cares donation platform

10% 10%
Diverse Senior Leadership

Committed to increasing our pipeline of diverse senior leaders by 10%

Learn how we are creating a more secure, resilient, and equitable future for all.

Our Pillars in Practice

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