Cybersecurity Solutions in Action – Video Use Cases

Cybersecurity Solutions in Action

At Booz Allen, we protect clients from the most consequential cyber threats. Explore how we protect facilities that produce lifesaving healthcare solutions, secure the next generation of global manufacturing, protect global financial infrastructure, and enable energy production.

Rendering of a building showing several windows blocked out in red.
View ransomware recovery.
Ransomware Recovery
Through expert negotiation and an IR retainer we helped a Fortune 500 client navigate a crippling ransomware event without damage.
Blocks on top of a map.
View global segmentation.
Global Segmentation
We decreased global cyber risk and increased cybersecurity resiliency through a tailored segmentation approach.
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View cloud security.
Cloud Security
We guided a Fortune 500 enterprise through securing Third-Party vendors and their vast supply chain network within their cloud environment.
Red lines surrounding the planet Earth.
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Advanced Cybersecurity Analytics
We helped a global energy manufacturer automate security processes to scale their maturing cyber program
Model of a man working on a desktop computer.
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Cybersecurity Research & Development
Learn how we helped multiple Fortune 500 manufacturers prepare, identify, and protect their critical research and development (R&D) data and programs.
Model of board meeting.
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Board of Directors Cyber Metrics
We helped a F500 company's Board members navigate a recent cyber breach through advanced metrics and strategic roadmapping.
Data on a tablet.
Data on a tablet.
Data-Driven Cybersecurity
Using a data-driven approach, we helped create a seamless, secure customer experience and integrated global security teams.
Lines across a board.
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Advanced Threat Hunting
Using Booz Allen’s unique analytics library, we helped a Fortune 10 company build out an advanced threat hunting program.
Cyber Fusion Center.
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Cyber Fusion
We helped a multibillion-dollar firm transition from being MSSP dependent to having an autonomous security program.
Models of pharmaceuticals.
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Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity
See how we helped an F500 pharmaceutical company modernize the security of their manufacturing plants and global operations using OT cyber services.
Model of man working at a desktop computer.
View post incident hardening.
Post Incident Hardening
We helped a new CISO of a Fortune 500 recover from a significant security breach stemming from a recent acquisition.
Model of man in front of supply chain lines.
View supply chain security.
Supply Chain Security
Starting with a data-driven approach, we helped a Fortune 500 company strengthen the resiliency of their supply chain.
Model of a house.
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Wargaming & Strategic Simulations
See how we helped a Fortune 500 manufacturer develop cyber incident response tactics across their IT and OT networks using customized simulations.
Fraud model.
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Fraud Fusion
We helped a F500 Global financial institution demonstrably reduce the current volume of fraudulent events.

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