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Architects of Acceleration

Powering the digital mission in government

At Booz Allen, we know what it takes not only to contend in the 21st century but to take command of it. That’s why we’re committed to accelerating the adoption of accessible, transparent, and highly innovative technologies that transform the missions of today and tomorrow. More than just trusted advisors and capable technologists, we’re your all-in-one acceleration architects, with a focus on helping you enhance mission readiness and resilience faster through the application of powerful emerging technologies.

Emerging Technology Spotlight: Human Performance

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It would be easy if we had super powers. If there was a secret to elite performance. But this is the real world. There are no shortcuts. 


In our world, knowledge is power. So we unite technologies that power performance and turn information into action. Because a modern mission requires modern tools so you can prepare for the challenge from anywhere. 


Our team puts you in experiences before they happen so you can answer the questions: Am I strong? Am I ready? Am I making smarter, faster decisions? 


Because hard work is only half the equation. In a world of constant change, we give you an edge: custom training solutions powered by data, built for the mind and body. So you can be ready for the moments that matter. 


Everyday heroes aren't superhuman, but the mission is waiting. Unleash your potential. Booz Allen Human Performance. Power for the real world. 

Advanced Training for Operational Readiness

As recruitment challenges grow, accelerated readiness becomes critical for national defense. Enabling warfighters to quickly prepare for and successfully execute demanding missions across domains means harnessing today’s most advanced human performance solutions. Human performance training combines traditional strength and conditioning, advanced sports and data science, and immersive simulations to optimize trainees' physical and psychological readiness, well-being, and performance. 

With an approach that integrates next-generation wearables, sensors, artificial intelligence, and digital twins, you can securely implement personalized, data-centric training that optimizes the benefits of traditional strength and conditioning, leading-edge sports and data science, and immersive simulations.

Commanding Tomorrow with Today’s Most Advanced Technology

With an intimate understanding of your mission, Booz Allen deploys the best solution for your unique environment and selects the right partners and products for high-velocity outcomes. 

And this comes with a promise: to give you a competitive advantage today while providing the foresight and agility to meet tomorrow’s challenges full on. Learn how we architect intelligent and resilient solutions to support the nation’s most critical systems.

Human Performance

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Human Performance

Dramatic advances in wearable technologies, sensors, and artificial intelligence are transforming the ability to quantify and predict human performance. Integrating increasingly complex human-worn technologies with an array of key external systems has become critical for accelerating readiness.

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a single technology breakthrough. It's a complex integration of people, processes, and technology that empowers organizations to focus on their missions. When your challenges are unprecedented, your AI advantage is critical.

Digital Twins

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Digital Twins

Virtual replicas of objects, processes, or systems can pair with physical counterparts through continuously updated data streams. Digital twins that provide models ranging from climates and military installations to warfighters and astronauts are transforming the accuracy and speed of decision making throughout government.

Quantum Computing

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Quantum Computing

Increased processing speeds through quantum computing will catalyze revolutionary advancements in nearly every industry and discipline—communications, healthcare, materials engineering, manufacturing, finance, and national security all stand to gain.

5G Technology

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5G Technology

5G is transforming machine-to-machine telecommunications, driving the convergence of high-speed networks with ultra-low latency to usher in billions of new Internet-of-Things (IoT) services across all sectors of government and industry.

Edge Computing

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Edge Computing

The power of edge computing is transforming the modern mission. Instead of relying on connectivity or waiting for information from the operation center, it’s enabling rapid access to data far beyond the centralized or connected IT network.

Mission foresight

An Ecosystem to Ignite the Future

Harnessing over a century of service, we anticipate what’s to come for future-forward success—with an innovation philosophy rooted in the power of community. Our network of leading partners and incubation labs ensures access to on-demand innovation and emerging technologies from across the industry. Together, we can harness and assemble tailor-made solutions for the world’s toughest challenges.

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Our diverse working communities across the country serve clients with the best technologies, talent, and research that industry has to offer. 

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The hardest problems aren’t solved in one lab or studio. For every challenge that our clients face, the Booz Allen Partner Network brings together the right organizations—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Reimagining How Society Protects Public Interests

You can rest assured that if there’s a better way forward, we’ll find it. Our people support some of the nation’s most critical and socially impactful work, architecting solutions with a commitment to progress. We challenge ourselves to not just achieve a mission’s objectives—but to discover new and inventive ways to redefine what’s possible for our clients.

We're Proud to Be Booz Allen

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Awards and Accomplishments
  • World's Most Ethical Companies
    Ethisphere Institute
  • America’s Best Employers for Women
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  • Cutting-Edge AI Patent Applications
    Booz Allen
  • Global Consulting Partner of the Year
  • Top-Rated Workplaces for Work-Life Balance
  • America’s Best Management Consulting Firms
  • Nunn-Perry Award
    Department of Defense
  • Training Top 10 Hall of Fame (Booz Allen Data Science 5K Program)
    Training Magazine
  • Best Places to Work in IT
    Computerworld and Insider Pro
  • Corporate Equality Index (100-Percent Score)
    The Human Rights Campaign
  • Top Consulting Firms

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