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Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a single technology breakthrough. It is a complex integration of people, processes, and technology that empowers organizations to focus on their missions. When your challenges are unprecedented, your AI advantage is critical.

Educating Tomorrow’s AI Leaders

As technological change accelerates, industry stakeholders have new opportunities to help shape the workforce of the future. At Booz Allen, we’re fully committed to equipping today’s students for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers of tomorrow, when AI will increasingly influence work and all areas of life.

With adversary nations competing with the United States for technological superiority, skill gaps could create national security risks. In the words of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), “The artificial intelligence competition will not be won by the side with the best technology. It will be won by the side with the best, most diverse, and tech-savvy talent” (NSCAI Final Report, p. 121). As a result, the NSCAI recommends ambitious investments in STEM education as a way of “increasing American national power and improving national security” (NSCAI Final Report, p. 174).

As the number-one provider of AI solutions to the federal government, Booz Allen prioritizes hands-on involvement in educational initiatives to empower the next generation of STEM leaders. Keeping STEM career pathways open and accessible to all is a top priority. To nurture future innovators, we partner with organizations across the nation like AI Education Project.

The AI Education Project

The AI Education Project (AIEDU) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that readies learners of all ages and backgrounds to be successful in the AI era. An original seed funder, Booz Allen in 2022 will take this partnership to the next level by providing underserved kids and educators with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to work and thrive in an increasingly automated world. The components of this integrated partnership will drive impact through aligning our capabilities; environmental, social, and governance commitments; and philanthropy around a mission to create diverse pathways for STEM education and bring innovation to all.

Booz Allen was AIEDU’s earliest backer, and we continue to support its mission in multiple ways:

  • Comprehensive Programs: Curriculum development, teacher training, implementation support, and ongoing education community engagement across the Washington, DC, region, with a goal to scale and impact dozens of teachers and thousands of students
  • Extensive Employee Involvement: Integration of our employees’ volunteerism, mentorship, and advisory roles to maximize benefits for students
  • New AI Education Summer Program: A summer program facilitated by AIEDU and hosted by Booz Allen that delivers an AI literacy program in a condensed, interactive format
  • Thought Leadership: A virtual roundtable with policymakers, education leaders, and Booz Allen leaders to explore AI literacy and STEM education

Ongoing Support for STEM Education

Booz Allen’s collaboration with AIEDU aligns with our ongoing focus on delivering programs, learning environments, and mentorship resources that remove barriers to STEM skill acquisition and career opportunities. Learn more about our work with AIEDU and our commitment to STEM education.


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