Human Performance Training for Operational Readiness

Human Performance Data Accelerates Real-Time Mission-focused Training Scenarios


Accelerated readiness solutions, powered by Human Performance technologies, allow warfighters to train and rehearse critical skills, tactics, techniques, and procedures for the battlespace in a realistic environment.

“Through data-centered performance solutions, individuals can now access and modify their own data for behavior change and decision making. It’s a new paradigm for creating an agile and adaptive workforce of the future.”

Industry Leadership for Training Protocols and Practices

Booz Allen and Sports Innovation Lab bring together leading experts in the sciences, public sector, and sports industry to understand how technology can monitor, analyze, and improve human performance. Learn more about how this partnership is creating an innovative collaboration between the research community, tactical athletes, and elite sports organizations.

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Applying Expertise Across the Human Performance Landscape

From equipment manufacturers to athlete management platforms to academic institutions, Human Performance Training requires a multi-disciplinary and integrated collaboration across the industry to build next-level training solutions. Booz Allen convenes the best technology and resources for each organization’s mission need. Examples of technologies that we integrate include:

Wearable Technology

Enables individuals and groups to monitor and assess physiological measures and optimize health, wellness, and performance. 

Athlete Management Systems

Translates brain signals into real-time knowledge that users can use for performance. Its full-stack neurotechnology tools combine neuroscience with VR, AR, and XR environments for an immersive experience.

Immersive Training

Tailored VR/AR experiences to monitor and assess technical and tactical behaviors with holistic performance outcomes.

Federal News Network "Off the Shelf" Podcast May 5, 2023

Federal News Network Podcast host, Roger Waldron, speaks with Booz Allen's chief technologist for Warfighter Performance, Sonya Rahmani, and Senior Associate, Human Performance, Irik Johnson, alongside other industry subject matter experts about the key technologies that can be used to monitor and enhance warfighter performance.

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